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20 Days All Round Wildlife Safari in Uganda

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This 20 Days All Round Wildlife Safari in Uganda entails exploration of almost all the favorite hottest tourism spots in Uganda including incredible and strongest water falls. You also experience Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale as well as spotting tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Enquire Now Wrap-up your safari with a visit to the mist Bwindi Impenetrable National Park harboring the highest number of Mountain gorilla in the world in addition to grabbing most of the gorilla related vacations in Uganda and a variety of endemic Bird species.

20 Days All Round Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Detailed Itinerary.


Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be welcomed by a Lifetime Africa Expeditions tour guide who helps you through a fast-track assistance with VISA and luggage collection. Please look for a white sign board with your name. After immigration and bag collection, you will then be handed over to our driver guide, who will transfer you to your hotel for dinner and overnight.
Dinner and Overnight: Kampala Serena Hotel (Luxury), Mestile hotel and residences (Midrange), Eureka place Hotel and suites (Budget).


Following breakfast, you will set off for a 2 hours’ drive to Jinja with a stopover at Mabira Uganda’s biggest natural forest with quite a good number of bird species, primates & trees. Here you will visit Griffin camp for you to enjoy a phenomenal zip lining activity. Later proceed to magical Jinja city passing on a wonder spring bridge as you cross river Nile and this will arouse your appetite to see have a glimpse at its source. Upon arrival, you will have lunch at Igar café and later visit source of the longest river in Africa. You will take a boat ride to go to the actual point where the waters of river Nile spills from Lake Victoria and then run at a terrible speed flowing northwards to the Mediterranean Sea, here you have a great opportunity of tasting waters from two different largest and famous water sources in the world. Later in the evening, pay a visit to the arts and craft center along main street where see and admire art products produced by extremely talented local arts men and women. It is here that you can buy a source of the Nile souvenir.

Dinner and Overnight: Lemala wild waters lodge (Luxury), Nile village hotel (Midrange), Sunset hotel (Budget).


On this beautiful, you will set off for a 10 minutes’ drive to Adrift rafter’s offices. Upon arrival, attend briefing for this remarkable experience with guidelines from a professional and experienced guide. You will then depart with large rubber boats accommodating eight people inclusive of a guide and followed by an emergency boat all throughout the trip monitoring your safety while enjoying the thrill and exhilaration of the Nile white waters. The river has five grades of the rapids so be prepared to hold your breath when plunging into the rapids! Besides the adrenaline rush and the rural scenery along the river side’s make for an exciting and amazing day. A delicious buffet lunch on a private island in the middle of the Nile will mark the beginning of the end to this fascinating and mesmerizing life time adventure. White-water rafting activity is open to people aged 16 and above. After the raft, you will be transferred back to Kampala.

Dinner and Overnight: Kampala Serena Hotel (Luxury), Mestile hotel and residences (Midrange), Eureka place Hotel and suites (Budget).


Following your luscious breakfast at the hotel, you will hit on the road for a 7hrs driving to Murchison Falls National Park. En-route, you will engage in rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. You will then proceed to Murchison falls national park with a journey break at Kabalega dinners for a hot lunch. Upon arrival, you will drive to the top of the falls for a tour around the falls. Sounds of the roaring thunder of the river Nile welcomes as you feel the force of the water under your feet as the half a kilometer-wide river narrows through just 7m wide and cascades down through a 45m drop. Murchison Falls National Park has 76 mammal species and 451 bird species. Reptiles like the Nile crocodile, hippo and the rare semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope. The big game mammals that you may have a glimpse at include; Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, Rothschild’s giraffes, warthogs, giant forest hog, Uganda Kob, topi and waterbuck to mention but a few.

Dinner and overnight: Paraa Safari lodge (Luxury) Pakuba Safari Lodge (Midrange) Red chili (Budget).


Wake up early and grab a cup of coffee before heading out for go for an early morning game drive on the Northern section of the park. The morning drive will take you through different habitats. On the drive, you will have an opportunity to watch some of Africa’s un spoilt Savana and may also see some of the BIG 5 game including lions, elephants, buffaloes and leopards. Other wildlife to see includes giraffes, Hartebeest, Bushbucks, Jackal, hyena, oribis, Uganda kobs and many others. After this rewarding game drive, you will return to the lodge for a late breakfast and followed by lunch and a little relaxation before taking a boat trip in the afternoon, which takes around 3 hours sailing to the bottom of the falls along the river Nile. The Nile hosts large concentrations of Hippos and crocodiles. Murchison Falls is a birder’s paradise with concentration is many birds including the rare shoebill stork, Fish Eagle, African Skimmer, Grey-crowned Crane, Black-headed Gonolek, Goliath Heron, Green-winged, Long-toed Plover, Saddle-billed Stork. The boat cruise will leave you at the bottom of the falls where you will start the hike from to the bottom of the falls for an enthusiastic view of the magical Murchison falls.

Dinner and overnight: Paraa Safari lodge (Luxury) Pakuba Safari Lodge (Midrange) Red chili (Budget).


Following a scrumptious African breakfast, you will leave Murchison falls and head out for quite a long journey south. Your destination is beautiful fort portal cityset on the foot hills of the‘fabled mountains of the moon’. This is approximately 209 Km Scenic journey taking about +7 hours’ drive from Murchison falls national parkpassing through Masindi town and Hoima city. Upon arrival, you will check in at your hotel and take a short late afternoon city tour.
Dinner and overnight: Nyaika hotel (Luxury) Mountains of the moon hotel (Midrange) Fort motel (Budget).


On this beautiful day after a paradisiac breakfast, you will take an approximately 40 Kilometers journey and drive for about 1.5 hours to Semuliki national park. Upon arrival at the park, you visit Sempaya hot springsspilted into the male and female hot springs. You will get to learn about the cultural significancethe springs carry to the natives, you will also have a chance to cook bananas and eggs in these natural boiling. After this exciting activity, you will take 13 kilometers longKirumia trail which takes you through the heart of Ituri forest and ends at the Semliki Riverspot some birds and wildlife. Nature walks in Semuliki national park reward you with primates including red-tailed monkeys, rare DeBrazza’s monkeys. This nature walk also presents a variety of bird species including; the white-crested hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, Piping hornbill, Great blue turaco, Yellow throated nicator among others.After enjoying this small but wonderful park, you will take a scenic drive to your lodge in Kibale national park fully surrounded by the mystical calls of the monkeys. Over a dozen primates inhabit this national park, and various types of monkeys grace the trees around your verandah. Close your eyes, and the soundtrack will provide an incredible appreciation for how remote you are.

Dinner and overnight: Kyaninga lodge (Luxury) Chimpanzee guest house/Isunga lodge (Midrange) Kyaninga royal cottages (Budget).


After a paradisiac breakfast, you will depart your hotel a 30 minutes’ to Kanyancu visitor center and report to the ranger station at 07h00 for a briefing followed by javelins of light flicker through the trees as you set off chimpanzee trekking. After an interesting and memorable search for the chimpanzees in the forest, you are privileged to spend 1 hour with them taking photographs and videos and return to the hotel for a lunch. later visit Bigodi wetland sanctuary a community based conserved effort for a village walk to immerse you into the interesting cultures of the community besides Chimpanzees. Return to the lodge Dinner and overnight.

Dinner and overnight: Kyaninga lodge (Luxury) Kibale guest cottages/Isunga lodge (Midrange) Kyaninga royal cottages (Budget).


After a luscious breakfast in a beautiful lodge overlooking the forest, you will take a 30 Minutes’ drive to Bigodi swamp visitor reception center for a briefing. Following the briefing, you will take a guided nature walk inside the wetland. This is a rewarding nature walk as you can spot numerous primate species including L’hoest monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, red colobus monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, a number of baboons and chimpanzees. You also wildlife animals like mongooses, wild pigs, antelopes, otter and on rare occasions forest elephants. For birders, the swamp is a numerous birders paradise with an estimate of over 200 bird species recorded such as the most precious National bird the crested crane, great blue turaco, hornbills among others. After the nature walk, you will return to the lodge of lunch and later take a scenic drive to visit the Mabera ga Nyina Mwiru caves. The local guide will usher you through the history of the caves and the cultural significance it holdsto the local people living in the area. After the caves you will return to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Dinner and overnight: Kyaninga lodge (Luxury) Kibale guest cottages/Isunga lodge (Midrange) Kyaninga royal cottages (Budget).


Following a relaxed breakfast 09h00, you will board your Safari vehicle and drive for 4 hours to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Upon arrival, you will check in to your lodge followed by lunch. After lunch at 15h00, you will enjoy the afternoon boat cruise along Kazinga channel which will reveal a succession of giants. Elephant herds squirt water on the banks as large hippo pods roll on sandbanks, and crocodiles bathe in the sun. Some hippos escape the water to wander across the savannah, and barge past a series of ungulates also in search of water. This astonishing extraordinary boat ride will make a gentle meditation from the exhilarating walk of previous day in Kibale national park. After this breath-taking activity, you will then be transferred to your lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Dinner and overnight Mweya Safari lodge (Luxury), Twin lakes lodge (Midrange), Bush lodge (Budget).


Following a cup of Uganda’s delicious coffee, you go for an early morning game drive in the savannah plains starting withKasenyi trail to spot early morning risers including the lions and elusive leopards hunting their prey. This beautiful game drive offer opportunities of a glimpse on elephants, hyena, buffaloes, baboons,giant forest hogs.Impala skipping around as the giraffe makes a lonely journey towards the river, kobs. It is such a great and exciting time as you watch these animals closely.Kasenyi is endowed with a collection of craters, swamps, lakes and other volcanic features that add-up to make the game drive in the Queen mesmerizing. Later in the day, retire at the lodge for a late breakfast followed by a luscious lunch.
After lunch, you enjoy an afternoon game drive extending your search beyond Kasenyi trail to Mweya area and the rest of the park. This allows more sightings of Antelope species, elephants herds but most importantly a beautiful view of the African sun set. After exhausting the game drive, you will then retire to the lodge of dinner and overnight stay.

Dinner and overnight Mweya Safari lodge (Luxury), Twin lakes lodge (Midrange), Bush lodge (Budget).


Landscapes collide on today’s drive as the savannah spills into the loose forests that bring the serene expressions of the tree-climbing lions. Following breakfast, you will drive to isolated Ishasha sector. Upon arrival at the entrance, your guide will process your registration, you will drive inside the park and search for the treasured tree climbing lions.The tail will move, and you will gaze in the eyes of a lion with its flowing black mane. Tree-climbing lions are just ten meters away, and you only just spotted them. They are another big game highlight on a classic safari day after gathering enough photographs of the lions, you will head for lunch in Kihihi. Following lunch, you ascend and rise into the mountains on a remote road around the south of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park known for grabbing most of the gorilla related vacations in Uganda (+4Hrs drive). Upon arrival at the park, check in at hotel, followed by lunch followed by afternoon relaxation at the lodge utilizing all the complimentary amenities.

Dinner and overnight Four Gorillas lodge (Luxury), Rushaga gorilla lodge (Midrange) Rushaga gorilla havens lodge (Budget).


This is the highlight of your Safari. Wake up very early and have your breakfast. Following breakfast, you will be transferred to the park’s headquarters for a briefing by the guide about the requirements, rules and regulations governing Gorilla tracking before you head off to the jungle in search for these gentle giants. You will make a beautiful hike through the green landscape and hills of the impenetrable forest of Bwindi. After trekking, you will for an hour watch them feed while the young ones are playing with the mothers, and then it’s time to say goodbye with your last photos and snapshots. Return to lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Dinner and overnight Four Gorillas lodge (Luxury), Rushaga gorilla lodge (Midrange) Rushaga gorilla havens lodge (Budget).


Today after breakfast, you will be driven to the visitor reception center for a briefing about Kajembehajambe trail which that leads you the beautiful water falls. This trail to the waterfalls takes you about 4 hours walk and guess what, you are already at the water falls and taking as many pictures as possible. This an opportunity to engage yourself in doing yet exciting and attractive activities in Bwindi beyond the gorillas that are the prime attractions. From here, you return to the lodge for lunch and freshen up.In the afternoon, you will head out to visit the Batwa community for cultural experience where you get to Learn as you enjoy one of the most authentic cultures. Your guide will usher you through their forest life before gazetting the forest as a protected area. Watch these pygmies dance, sing the cultural songs as well as storytelling of their traditional as they recite cultural poems and saying. You will also be able to learn their ways of farming, handling the bow, gather honey, and picking herbal medicine from roots and leaves a local way of treating the people
Dinner and overnight Four Gorillas lodge (Luxury), Rushaga gorilla lodge (Midrange) Rushaga gorilla havens lodge (Budget).


Following an early morning breakfast at 05h00, you will take a 1 hours’ drive to Mgahinga national park. Upon arrival, you will retrieve to the visitor reception by 07h30 for briefing about Golden Monkeys Trekking code of conduct before heading out in the jungle to search for them, this takes 5-6hours. Just as Gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking is a breathtaking and an astonishing activity that leaves life long memories in the traveler’s diary. Golden monkeys are trekked in group of travelers not exceeding eight, and the opportune time to spend with these amazing creatures is 1 hour after the search is complete.
After trekking these wonderful creatures, you will head for lunch in Kisoro town followed by a scenic drive to lake Bunyonyi Uganda’s deepest and most romantic lake.
Dinner and overnight Birdnest resort lodge/ Arcadia lodges (Midrange) Bunyonyi overland resort (Budget).


Following breakfast, you will go for a nature walk both on the Islands and around the Lake. Our backdrop, for the most thrilling part, will be the exceptional beautiful scenery. The walk is not strenuous and can be taken at your pace. Your hike will mostly be scenic in nature, leading us through small villages and meet Ugandans up close and personal. The hike can also include some of the idyllic hamlets and villages with their terraced Gardens that surround the lake. Keep your camera handy and enjoy Lake Bunyonyi. After the nature walk, you will Return back to the hotel for lunch and later go for swimming in the one of the most beautiful lakes. Lake Bunyonyi isbilharzia freeand there are no hippos nor crocodiles found here ,it is safe to swim here and enjoy, however you should be cautious of its deep waters.

Dinner and overnight Birdnest Resort Lodge/ Arcadia lodges (Midrange) Bunyonyi Overland Resort (Budget).


Following breakfast, you will depart your hotel after enjoying a delicious breakfast and head for a boat ride to Akampeine Island also referred to as Punishment Island. The Bakiga People would take unwed pregnant girls to Punishment Island and abandon them there to nature. This would be a big event meant to frighten other girls to abstain from sex outside of marriage and causing the loss of the Bride’s Price for the family. Some tried to swim back to the mainland but often died. The only way to escape was if a poor man that could not afford bride price came to the Island and rescued a girl. We have open opportunities to view as many colorful birds as possible which will delight our ride. After this rewarding boat tour, you will return to the lodge for lunch, freshen up and check out of the lodge for yet another scenic drive through the Switzerland of Africa “Kigezi highlands” with stunning terraced green rolling hills. Upon arrival at the park, you proceed to check in at your lodge followed by a hot dinner.

Dinner and overnight stay at Mihingo Lodge (Luxury), or Lake Mburo Safari Lodge (Mid-range).


On this beautiful day, wake up early and grab a cup of coffee before heading out to the wild for an early morning game drive. This is a rewarding drive as the park is endowed with a variety of wildlife and abundant birdlife. You are advantage to spot Elands, antelopes, buffaloes, giraffes, topis, warthogs, zebras, water bucks and impalas. The park is endowed with alluring beautiful sceneries,parent rocks and savanna. On a lucky day, you will spot leopards, bush babies and porcupines. You will later return to the lodge for a late hot breakfast followed lunch and later go for a boat ride on lake Mburo. You are guaranteed to spot amazing flora and fauna at the alongside crocodiles, hippos and numerous bird species including African fish eagles, pelican, king fishers, herons, cormorants, rare shoe bills and hammer kobs.

Dinner and overnight stay at Mihingo Lodge (Luxury), or Lake Mburo Safari Lodge (Mid-range).


On this exciting day after breakfast, you will hit on the road for your journey Entebbe. You will make a stopover at the Equator in Kayabwe for amazing memorable photographic scenes and the drum makers center at Mpambire foran epic and unavoidable experience. Upon arrival in Entebbe, you will check in at your hotel, have lunch and spend your entire afternoon at leisure utilizing hotel amenities and or enjoying the cool breeze from Lake Victoria at the beach.
Dinner and Overnight: Lake Victoria Serena Hotel (Luxury), Lake Victoria Granada hotel (Midrange), Guinea fowl guest house (Budget)


Enriched with unforgettable memories you will say goodbye to the pearl of Africa. Depending on the time of departure you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home.

End of the 20 Days All Round Wildlife Safari in Uganda.

The 20 Days All Round Wildlife Safari in Uganda includes;

1. All Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking permits.
2. All ground transportation in a 4WD Vehicle with pop up roof for easy game viewing and photography.
3. All game drives and Boat cruises.
4. Rhino trekking.
5. All other activities indicated in the itinerary.
6. All Accommodation as indicated in the itinerary.
7. English-speaking Experienced Safari-guide.
8. Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
9. Refreshments and snacks in the vehicle.

Excluded in the 20 Days All Round Wildlife Safari in Uganda are;

1. All Tips to Hotels/Lodges/Camps staff and Safari Guide
2. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are not accompanying meals.
3. International flight/s and departure taxes and other taxes.
4. Visa fees. Visas are available online or at arrival at all Entry points.