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Cultural Experience Tours in Rwanda

Rwanda Cultural Experience Tours

Rwanda is a country with few ethnic groups but rich in culture Cultural Experience Tours. Volcanoes national park is home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas and Golden Monkeys, most travelers that come to the conservation area are most interested in the two activities however there is more to the national park than the primates.

The Iby’iwacu community was founded in 2005, as a result of wanting to improve the livelihoods of the reformed poachers of the forest species, they learned to appreciate tourism and hence passed on culture through dance, tradition, norms, and customs. The Rwandan village offers the Rwandan community way of living in the old traditional years. Visitors will have a chance to meet the locals in their day-today livelihood. One is allowed to get involved in performing the activities like cooking, drumming, guides will take you through stories of long ago and witnessed a replica of the king’s ways of the ancient tradition. Dance performances like the Intore dance and drumming are performed to entertain visitors.

More cultural experience tours and encounters are at the Nyanza kings palace which is located in the Butare district in the Nyanza province, this was the traditional seat of the Rwanda Kingdom the palace has been renovated and visitors can take a tour at the replica of the King’s palace. The Rwanda museum is located in the Huye district enroute to Nyungwe forest national the museum boasts some of the best archeological findings, you will find artifacts that showcase the country’s evolution progress, several other museums in Rwanda are a part of collecting these old historical-cultural facts.

Other park activities include mountain gorilla trekking, which is the most common of the things to do while in volcanoes national park, it begins in the morning at the visitor center, in search of the primates, an hour is allowed with the mountain gorillas, Golden monkeys ae the second-best option in the park, they live within the bamboo forested region of Volcanoes, the parks bird list is incredible and an important place to go birding.

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